She's putting her ASSets to good use!

Kim Kardashian shared a bunch of grainy, personal photos from her recent family vacation to Costa Rica on her website, and we've never seen so much T&A in our lives! Kimmy and sisters Kylie and Khloe can be seen suntanning and flaunting their famous curves at their private villa, and the reality star even threw in a wet t-shirt photoshoot for fun!

We guess being basically naked is better than wearing fur!

Speaking of which, Sia just took to Twitter to plead with Kanye to stop using fur in his fashion collections. The rapper debuted the new Yeezy season 5 collection at fashion week on Wednesday, and several of his pieces appeared to be made out of real pelts. Not cool at all!

"Dear @kanyewest would you consider going fur free? This is the reality of fur for fashion - it's so sad," the singer tweeted, accompanied by a horrific video of rabbits being skinned.

PETA then jumped in and echoed those statements.

"@Sia Agreed, the reality of the fur industry is so heartbreaking @kanyewest Please go #furfree," they wrote on their own social media account.

People who wear real fur make us sick to our stomach! We are now calling for a boycott of the Kardashians and 'Ye's fashion line until they wake up and stop being monsters!