He looks just like his mama!

Kim Kardashian shared these adorable snapshots of her son Saint sitting in his high chair yesterday, and we can't believe how much he resembles his famous parents. The fact that she calls him "Sainty Boo" is pretty annoying, but we gotta admit she makes some cute kids. We wonder if she will decide to have more?

The E! starlet has been hard at work getting her body back in shape this year, and has jumped on Khloe's workout bandwagon along with Kourtney. It's like they're all having a competition over who can have the hottest bod!

We bet she will get pregnant again, if for nothing other than a new storyline and more attention. We struggled to write this post because there's literally nothing to say about her these days, and that's when you know her fame is in jeopardy. Kylie, on the other hand, still has so many things she can pull out of her bag of tricks. A wedding, babies, a slim down, a split... the possibilities are endless! Poor Kimmy K will just be the boring, married one if she doesn't do something quick!