We're not gonna lie, when Scott Disick falls off the wagon and gets his groove on with multiple mystery ladies in a tropical location, we always assume Justin Bieber is just a booty call away for Kourtney Kardashian. And are we wrong?!

The hot mama took Penelope and Mason to a music class after school, on Wednesday, dressed in destroyed denim and heels, paired with a Del Mar racing tee that she undoubtedly bought at the race trace with Caitlyn or back in the day with Bruce.

So where in the world is Lord Disick? It's anyone's guess right now -- he seems to have been lying low this week -- but we think he's either surrounded by a bevy of babes, still getting his party on or relaxing at home in LA, calling Kourtney ever few hours to apologize, begging to see the kids. Or does he even bother apologizing anymore???