They did it again!

Tom Brady came back from Deflategate to finish 43 for 62, the most attempts in Super Bowl history, for 466 yards and two touchdowns, taking the New England Patriots to victory tonight against the Atlanta Falcons in a white-knuckle overtime finishing with the Pats winning, 34-28.

Brady won the Super Bowl LI MVP honor in the fifth Super Bowl win of his career. And wife Gisele was cheering for him the whole team, despite a her hubby's comeback not happening until the 4th quarter. The couple's kids Benjamin, 7 and Vivienne, 4 were joined by Brady's son John, 9, from his relationship with actress Bridgette Moynahan. The kids jumped onto the riser with their dad as the winningest quarterback accepted the Lombardi trophy and confetti rained down.

Gisele believed in her man and he and his team did it -- congrats, Patriots!