Holy sh*t!

We know Vin Diesel has a dream of becoming a singer, with his quirky (awkward) social media posts featuring him lip-synching to some of his favorite tunes, but the fact that Selena Gomez made his dream come true is ... astounding!

The Fast and the Furious star is actually on the mic for Selena's new track "It Ain't Me," he announced to fans on Facebook, writing: "I don’t know how you did it @kygomusic. Who would have ever believed how mixing my voice with @selenagomez could be so powerful! Can’t wait for the world to hear it. “I literally can’t stop listening to it. Speechless … a dream come true."

In the behind-the-scenes clip, one producer tells Diesel: "You step into something new and you put everything into it, and it was, like, your take on what his world is like, that’s just amazing. … It’s original no one is doing it. So it’s f--king badass. You just came here. You killed it. This is not what you do. You just came here to sing and it’s cool, and it’s your own take on it. You don’t sound like every other f--king songwriter that comes in here and sounds the same and has a good voice. This is just different I don’t know what else to tell you. This is fresh."