Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't passing up the opportunity to slam President Donald Trump after Monday saw the release of the Don's extremely low approval rating. At 37%, Trump's Galliup Poll number is the lowest in the 72 years the rating has been tallied.

Schwarzenegger beef with the Commander in Chief began when his numbers as the host of The Apprentice weren't so hot and the show's producers let the Governator go. Arnie clapped back with a video message to Trump saying they should trade jobs.

This time, Arnie's message to Trump is that he's a bad guy for cutting after-school programs, Meals on Wheels and the like, in his new budget proposal. He tells Trump to visit a local D.C. school where the children will be affected by his cuts -- to get out and see what's going on instead of hiding behind the White House (and Mar-a-Lago) walls.