He's got one more bad habit left to kick!

Ben Affleck was out and about in Brentwood yesterday when he got the craving for a cigarette, so the actor stepped out of his ride to light up. We wonder if Jen Garner has a rule against smoking in the car?

In other news, a teaser for the Hollywood hunk's new movie Justice League was released today, with the full one coming Saturday, and it looks like it's going to burn up the box office. The A-lister recently explained how the flick is slightly different from its predecessors.

"It’s a little bit lighter, the characters are a little bit more comfortable in themselves, so they can express a wider array of emotions. And there are just more people in it, so it’s more fun. It’s all of these different characters bumping up against each other and the team dynamic offers a lot of dramatic possibility," he told Cineplex.

C'mon Ben, you've kicked the booze, now kick the butts!