If you believe the beehive, yes!

Beyonce got all decked out for her stepdad's 70th birthday last week, and the singer wore the same earrings she wore in her video for "If I Was A Boy." Instantly, fans began to speculate that the songstress was sending a message about the gender of her unborn twins, and a total freak out ensued.

"Beyoncé the type to subtly reveal the gender of her babies with earrings. Why else is Mrs. Petty rocking the "If I Were A Boy" earrings?" one user wrote.

It wouldn't be the first time she's dropped a clue in a clever social media post. Back in December, before people knew she was pregnant, she held two fingers up in a photo, which we now we know was meant to symbolize her two buns in the oven.

"Also she's been rocking emeralds, which is the birthstone for May! Possible due date! Sad but true, she is the master of cryptic codes and the true meaning behind them," another user commented.

Other rumors have been swirling that the Grammy winner and husband Jay-Z are expecting a boy and a girl, so we guess we'll just have to wait and see!