Her bump is getting bigger by the day!

Beyonce and Jay Z took daughter Blue Ivy to the Beauty and the Beast premiere in Hollywood last Thursday, and now the "Lemonade" songstress is sharing some behind-the-scenes snapshots from their family night out. Bey glowed in an emerald green dress maxi dress as her hubby cradled her belly and their little girl looked on. Cute!

We're glad the legendary diva felt up to a night on the town, because rumor has it she's been experiencing some extreme morning sickness due to having two buns in the oven.

"Beyonce is suffering the worst morning sickness ever this time round. In fact, it’s not just in the mornings she’s being sick though, it’s all throughout the day! She constantly feels off balance, and dizzy, and like she’s going to be sick, and actually is several times a day… in the afternoon, evening and nighttime too," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

Her rapper beau is making sure he's taking the best care of her, though.

"Jay Z is being super supportive, and really amazing. He’s basically at her beck and call and treating her like a princess. Jay’s done a ton of research into what helps with the sickness and he’s making Bey lots of fresh lemon water to drink, and feeding her apples and peanut butter. She’s still feeling sick a lot, but it does seem to help. He’s also giving her foot massages to help with the terrible aches and pains she’s suffering. Beyonce really can’t wait for the twins to arrive, she’s not enjoying pregnancy this time around at all," the source added.

Insiders are saying the Grammy winner is due in June, so she only has a couple more months of discomfort to go!