Buxom blonde (?) Blac Chyna shared some sexy snaps on Instagram to promote her line of Lashed liquid lipstick and we can't help but wonder if she realized how much she completely copies her baby daddy's girlfriend and practically sister-in-law Kylie Jenner!

Chyna's hawking her line of lip colors, not too dissimilar from Kylie's Lip Kits, by posting pix from a beach photo shoot in Instagram. Bustier, flowing skirt, tons of tattoos and a chest piercing give us SO much to look at here, we're hardly paying attention to the former strippers lip gloss color. But Chyna wants you to pay attention -- because she's got some serious car payments to make and she's got two kids to feed and it looks like she may be doing it on her own if she can't repair her relationship with second baby daddy Rob Kardashian (though we imagine he and his mom Kris Jenner have got Chyna on the payroll). You can buy 12 of her lip colors for a mere $150 -- what a bargain!

Amid tons of relationship trouble, it appears the on-again-off-again couple are definitely "off" right now and Chyna's basically raising baby Dream on her own, though Rob has posted pix of visitation days with his daughter. BC posted this adorable snap the other day, showing off the little tyke's longer, curly hair. She's said to be "fighting" for custody, though there has been no evidence of legal papers filed. Which leaves us wondering ... is all this "fighting" just fodder for the couple's reality show?