We bet they're ready for a break!

Gigi, Kendall and Bella arrived to walk in the Chanel show in Paris yesterday, and while the ladies looked fashionable for their entrance, we wanna smack Kendall in the face for wearing fur. What is wrong with these people?! Either she's too self absorbed to care, or she hasn't seen those horrific PETA videos. Do they not have protesters with red paint somewhere in the city who could drop by and teach her a lesson?

Moving on...

This trio has been on every catwalk for the past few weeks, and they must be exhausted. Gigi's boyfriend Zayn Malik accompanied her on the work trip because it was so long! Poor Bella has been trying to avoid ex The Weeknd and new flame Selena Gomez like the plague, and Kenny might have broken up with A$AP Rocky because we haven't spotted the rumored lovebirds together since they arrived.

We're getting tired of seeing the same three girls on every runway, in every campaign, and in every magazine. The industry needs some fresh faces!