What changed?

Kate Hudson's ex Chris Robinson has decided he wants full custody and increased child support for the former couple's 10-year-old son Ryder, and they're now involved in a nasty custody battle. Ever since they split they've shared joint custody, and the actress believes the rocker's latest move is a bid for money.

"When they finalized their divorce [in 2007], they agreed to joint custody. Chris now wants full custody of Ryder. This has been an ongo­ing issue for months now, and they are still battling it out behind closed doors," a source dished to In Touch. They've hired a $500-an-hour private judge to resolve the matter, but there's been no agreement since this began in June.

"Chris and Kate have disagreed over her parenting style. He's worried that Kate hasn't been as hands-on as she should be, and he wants more guidance over their son. He's seeking a hefty child support payment to go along with full custody. Chris tours as much as Kate travels for work, so they've shared equal custody for as long as they've been divorced and it has never been a problem. In fact, Chris didn't want anything from Kate, especially money-wise, when they originally settled. But it's sud­denly become a different situation," the source added.

Ultimately, the Something Borrowed star isn't going to back down.

"Kate isn't giving up on the agreement she and Chris settled on in the first place. She believes this is all about money," the insider revealed.

It's never good when a child is caught in the middle!