Kendall, we're not in Paris anymore! The younger supermodel is dressing like she's going for a paparazzi-laden lunch at L'Avenue in the City of Lights ... but it's just Calabasas, girl!

Ms. Jenner seems to have forgotten that the fashion weeks are over, the catwalks are closed and that she's back in the god-forsaken San Fernando Valley, not on the Champ Elysees.

Kendall, along with her mom Kris and sis Kourtney, went to lunch at the Blue Table Cafe at The Commons of Calabasas, on Wednesday looking like they all just stepped out of a Milan Fashion Week show. So do other patrons at the restaurant stare? Yes. Do they Kardashian/Jenner girls strut their stuff like their sh*t don't stink? Yes. And do we love it? Yes!