It sounds like they've found their happily ever after!

Prince Harry will pop the question to girlfriend Meghan Markle around their first anniversary, an insider close to the royal told Us Weekly. "They will be engaged by the end of summer. [They] have spoken candidly about their future. They see a life together," the source dished to the mag.

Spending their lives together means picking a home base, and the Toronto-based actress already knows she's going to be the one expected to pack her bags. “Meghan feels a move to London is inevitable. It’s not like Harry can uproot!” the source added. Not that that should be a problem! The brunette beauty reportedly spends most of her time at Kensington Palace anyways, and only leaves when she has to film Suits.

She's already putting her touches on the place, too!

“Harry knows very little about interior design, and that’s something Meghan is particularly good at. He has a few more plants, nice candles — and his kitchen is well-stocked too! [They] have learned a lot of new dishes together," the insider revealed.

The Los Angeles-born star is head over heels, and is ready to ditch her craft in order to focus her attention solely on charity.

"They speak about maybe working together on a project. [Meghan] is ready to move away from acting. She’s started thinking of the bigger picture. They’re so in love. I honestly can’t stress how happy she is. Out of 10, I’d say 150," the insider explained.

We guess when you know, you know!