We doubt she's letting him see their baby whenever he wants!

Rob Kardashian got to spend time with daughter Dream, and at first we were impressed that the he seems to be amicably co-parenting with Blac Chyna, but then we realized that the video vixen was just out of town.

"Saying bye to my beautiful baby girl ..... she is smiling at me. U see how she looking at her daddy 😍😍 I literally can't get enough of this girl,,, I never felt a love or happiness like this ever in my life and she makes me so happy ,,,about to miss her so much 😓💙 Love You baby Dream☁️," he captioned an Instagram photo of himself with his little princess.

The sock designer should take that baby and run far far away from the former stripper, because she's allegedly plotting even more drama. According to a new report, she has her sights set on swooping up Kanye if things don't work out between him and Kim. What?!

"Chyna is finished with Rob, but she’s not about to slink off into obscurity. She’s been crushing on Kanye for years, and now that he and Kim are hanging by a thread, she sees her opportunity to move in for the kill. Chyna is fame-hungry and hell-bent on staying relevant. She told her friends that Kim and Kanye are as good as over, so why shouldn’t she go for him?" a source dished to Star.

"[Chyna is] crafty — she’ll call Kanye to vent about Rob but then drop in things to stroke his ego. Chyna will tell him that he’s such a brilliant artist and he deserves a strong relationship and a devoted woman. She’s planting seeds," the source added.

We feel sorry for Rob that he got involved with such a bottom feeder. You can do better, dude!