Almost the whole clan was there!

Rob Kardashian joined the majority of the rest of his family last night to catch a screening of the Christian film The Shack in Calabasas, and we're slightly surprised he was game for the outing. The reclusive reality star hates attention, and it's pretty hard to avoid when your relatives are some of the most famous people in America.

Kim and Kanye came along, as well as Kylie and Tyga, Kourtney, Caitlyn Jenner and her gal pal Ronda Kamihira. If you'll recall, Ronda used to be besties with Kris Jenner, but took Caitlyn's side after they split. Kris wanted to be there yesterday evening, but she absolutely refused to go if Ronda was going to be in attendance, and since Cait insisted she join the party, the momager stayed home and watched the grandkids.

The transgender reality star's guest caused quite the stir when they arrived, and they had some sort of fight inside the lobby about it, because Cait left after only 15 minutes. We can definitely see Kim sticking up for her mom and the Olympian losing her temper and storming out.

The only person we didn't recognize was the guy in the pink sweatshirt that left the theater with Rob. We've heard the rumors that Kimmy K's bro has been getting clean and healthy, so could this be his sober coach? Apparently, he wants to prove to Blac Chyna that he's serious about getting his life together, and a sober coach could certainly keep him on the right track.

It's so rare to see them all together these days!