Perhaps she was hoping for a chance run-in at his favorite club!

Sofia Richie hit The Nice Guy last night for the DL1961 Campaign Launch Party, and she took a walk on the fashion wild side in a lace bra, blue fur, and red skinny 90s shades. We're not sure we love this look, but we know someone who might...

Justin Bieber couldn't help himself by flirting with Lionel Richie's daughter on Instagram the other day, and part of us wonders if he's trying to win back his former flame? "Ur so pretty," he wrote on one of her selfies, and fans went nuts. Now, they could just be "friends" like JB seems to be with Hailey Baldwin and all his other exes, but it's gotta feel good to be the girl that gets a message like that from The Biebs!

We bet the "Sorry" crooner is laying the grounds for another hookup, now that he has no chance with Selena Gomez.