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Is Beyonce giving us hints here? We're all dying to get confirmation that she's having twin girls, as has been reported -- and what if the pregnant diva is now tipping us off to her babies' names in this highly-produced Instagram video? Well lemme tell you ... fans are going wild trying figure out what it all means.

There was no caption accompanying the clip, just a few photos taken from the clip -- one of the pregnant goddess and another of her earring??

Bey and hubby Jay Z fancy themselves artists and constant creators who are pushing the boundaries -- with albums like Lemonade and the online release of that work and the videos to go along with it -- Bey and Jay are everything Kanye wishes he and Kim were. While Kim touts a possible third pregnancy on her mainstream reality show, Beyonce sends covert messages through symbolic imagery without words, without writing.

We can't wait for more news about Blue Ivy's new siblings -- even when Beyonce teases us and gives us nothing concrete, we love it!