He's got a sense of humor about all the gossip!

We caught David Spade grabbing a bite in Beverly Hills on Sunday, and he had the biggest smile ever on his face! Why wouldn't he? He's dating Glee star Naya Rivera, and they just returned from a romantic Hawaiian vacay, where they were spotted kissing and cuddling in the pool at their hotel. Oh la la!

When we asked him about the relationship we didn't expect him to comment, but he did! "I will say, I appreciate the haters not taking the weekend off," he quipped as he hopped into his ride. Internet trolls have been commenting about their age difference, his looks, and the possibility that this is all a publicity stunt, but the Joe Dirt star is doing like Jay-Z and brushing his shoulders off!

Apparently the pair have been dating for "a couple weeks," but wanted to keep things private. This is the 30-year-old's first public relationship since she split from husband Ryan Dorsey, with whom she shares a one-year-old son. The 50-year-old actor has an 8-year-old daughter Harper with ex Jillian Grace.

We guess when it works, it just works!