Fyre Festival organizers -- lead by rapper Ja Rule and businessman Billy McFarland -- are apologizing for the Caribbean island fiasco they created for rich-kid festival-goers this week. And social media is EXPLODING with hilarious posts about the Fyre Festival disaster.

What was billed as a "unique, multi-day luxury music and arts festival with celebrity chef-catered meals and impressive accommodations" for as much as $12,000/person, turned into a Lord of the Flies-style disaster, with makeshift tents on the beach, cheese sandwiches and a hot, jam-packed airport where travelers were locked inside, awaiting missing aircraft for hours on end.

Instagram influencers like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid had posted paid promotions for the event on social media and were, in fact, set to attend the festival when organizers warned the "it girls" of trouble in paradise and advised they stay in Miami and skip flying to the Exumas island in the Bahamas where infrastructure and lack of staff support had already caused the Frye Festival to go way south.

Organizers posted a statement (after the jump) on the festival's website Saturday, apologizing and promising to make it up to ticket holders. The group says they're planning another festival -- on US shores -- and will offer free VIP passes to ticket holders of this year's event. But seriously, who'll wanna try again?