Jennifer Garner's divorce filing from Ben Affleck isn't going to be easy to go through, as evidenced by her stressed-out look Tuesday in the Brentwood Country Mart parking lot. She was on a not-so-happy phone call that left her looking frazzled.

A recent report claims Ben has moved on and is dating again, but numerous others contradict that claim. Another report claims he was texting the nanny again, which has also been refuted. People say Ben's moved out of the family home, but that's a rumor we can contradict 100% -- he's still there, still living with the family.

But all of this makes for a lot of confusion for Jen, not to mention a bit of embarrassment in front of her family and friends, for sure. Is it possible, though, that the couple will divorce and still live together, a la Fergie and Prince Andrew?

Whatever the case, there was a ray of sunshine for Jen later in the day when she stopped to get lunch with her son Samuel. Look at his adorable laugh! That would put a smile on anyone's face ...