Of course Kim Kardashian's dinner date look is on fleek -- a sexy black bodysuit, destroyed denim and a velvet robe ... but what's up with Kanye West?!

He's sporting his usual black sweatshirt, this time paired with his Calabasas parachute pants -- the same type of plastic pants Kim wears when she's trying to drop a few pounds. And we can't help but wonder if Kanye designed these for the same purpose -- like pretending they're street style, but hoping that by wrapping up his thick legs and derriere in these nylon wonders and then blasting the seat warmers in his Maybach that he might actually sweat and lose some water weight.

His apparent obsession with the Santa Monica restaurant Bandera might not be helping. He's getting some kinda Tex-Mex dish that's probably not too low-cal or a steak -- we're guessing the latter. What gives? Maybe Yeezy needs to hit the sports court with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe and the trainers and get his workout on!