Maybe it's best she just end this partnership?

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram today to endorse the morning sickness drug Diclegis, and if this sounds familiar, it's because the reality star got herself into hot water by promoting the medication in 2015. The FDA slammed the E! starlet's promo as misleading and irresponsible for not listing the risks and side effects, and she was forced to remove the post and issue an apology.

This time around, Kimmy K made sure to cover her ass by putting all the information into her caption, but people still aren't pleased. Just four months ago, Diclegis was found to be ineffective and a waste of money.

"Just want to remind all of you that if you’re miserable with #morningsickness like I was, try changing your diet & lifestyle first. If you still feel sick, don’t wait-ask your doctor about #Diclegis (doxylamine succinate & pyridoxine HCl), the only FDA-approved medication for morning sickness. It’s the most studied drug in pregnancy & it worked for me! I want to empower all moms-to-be and encourage them to speak up. #DontSufferInSilence!" she wrote on a photo of herself looking at her prior post, before listing all the warnings.

She should just stick to flat tummy tea and waist trainers and all that other nonsense that's less controversial!