Where does she find this stuff?!

Miley Cyrus, always pushing fashion's boundaries, wore a fanny pack emblazoned with Drake's face on Sunday when she met up with her mom Tish and sis Noah and some friends at Nobu Malibu.

The rapper's face was repeated in a Warhol-esque style across a banana pack secured around Miley's trim waist. She paired it with Adidas track pants, a white cropped tee and a conservative grey cardigan, with some unusual yellow bug-eye sunglasses.

So just wheredoes one find a Drake fanny pack? It's either Moschino -- one of Miley's favorite labels, known for it's humor and pop culture references -- or Etsy. We'll go with the later since we can't find any evidence online of Moschino haven't produced such a bag but surprisingly we DO see various Etsy stores with Drake waist packs! Who knew the singer's "Straight Up To My Face" could be parlayed into a handy piece accessory!