Okay, guys -- this is getting old.

Rob and Chyna have reunited -- at least temporarily. Has anyone noticed their breakups coincide with low ratings for their reality TV show? And their make-ups coincide with the need for a new storyline. Ugh, it's exasperating -- and boring. And frankly, everyone knows these two are doomed to fail so when you know the end of the story, getting to that last chapter is tedious.

Chyna Snapchatted herself lip synching to Kendrick Lamar's "Humble," as the tattooed Kardashian hugged her from behind. She captioned a second video of Rob digging his face into Chyna's chest, "Dreams [sic] Daddy." I mean, really? She thinks of Rob as her baby daddy but not her "love" or "love of my life" or "fiance?"

Speaking of baby daddies ... Chyna recently went on a rant about her other kids' dad -- Tyga, King Cairo's father -- not paying child support.

Sometimes one wonders if Chyna's not just trying to play her cards right and get Kardashian money via Tyga and through Rob. Two babies' daddies, both connected to Kardashian $$$, which could mean two checks a month from Kris Jenner's bank account!