Now we get why he's so cocky!

Scott Disick hit the studio with Kourtney Kardashian yesterday, and we couldn't help but notice that The Lord's junk was barely squeezed into his tight jeans! This isn't the first time LD's package has made the Internet go crazy, and the K sisters are well aware of what he's working with.

"Honestly, it's way too much. He has to start wearing some tighty-whities," Kim told Xojane. "It's like an elephant's trunk!" Kourt proudly boasted. "We went on a date night in the Meatpacking last night, so the story said, 'The Meatpacking District isn't the only thing packing meat!' Scott was wearing a suit with no underwear last night, so you could see, like, something," she recalled of one specific instance.

We've got a new nickname for him - Big D*ck Disick!