Don't mess with Mama Bear!

Serena Williams fired back at Romanian women's tennis coach Ilie Nastase's racist comments about her unborn baby on Instagram, and we actually think the athlete could have been a heck of a lot nastier! Nastase was overheard commenting on Williams' pregnancy during a press conference, saying, "Let's see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?"

Not cool at all!

"It disappoints me to know we live in a society where people like Ilie Nastase can make such racist comments towards myself and my unborn child, and sexist comments against my peers,' she wrote.

"'I have said it once and I'll say it again, this world has come so far but yet we have so much further to go. Yes, we have broken down so many barriers - however there are a plethora more to go. This or anything else will not stop me from pouring love, light and positivity into everything that I do. I will continue to take a lead and stand up for what's right," she continued.

"I am not afraid unlike you. You see, I am no coward. Does my sassiness upset you. Why are you beset with gloom? You may shoot me with your words... you may try to kill me with your hatefulness, but still like air, I rise. I humbly thank the ITF for any consideration given to all the facts in this case. They will have my full support,' she concluded.

Nastase has now been placed on a provisional suspension by the International Tennis Federation.

What a pig!