He had to eventually!

Ben Affleck is finally moving out of the Pacific Palisades home he shared with Jen Garner and the kids after Jen filed for divorce two weeks ago. And this time it's for real -- he's found a new bachelor pad in Brentwood, X17online can report exclusively. We caught moving trucks at the family mansion this afternoon, and it seems the actor is slowly taking stuff to his new place.

A source tells X17:
    "Ben doesn't want to shock the kids and just be moved out overnight. Trucks have been coming every few days to take bits and pieces so it's a slow transition into their new normal."

The former couple has gone back and forth about living under the same roof, but now that the divorce is moving forward, it seems like they agree it's better they live apart. For a while, the Batman actor was living in a rental next door, and then he moved back onto the property and was shacking up in the guest house, while the actress and their children stayed in the main residence.

Given that sources say they both are eager to start dating, this is the natural next step.

The good news is that the Oscar winner's new digs are just a few minutes away, so the former spouses can continue to co-parent together and do all the things they've been doing, like school pick-ups and going to church on Sunday.

New beginnings are never easy.