This poor girl.

Courtney Stodden has confessed that she's been mixing prescription anti-anxiety medications with champagne in attempt to cope with her anxiety and depression. The infamous teen bride spoke with Daily Mail and is set to make an appearance on The Doctors today in an attempt to get her problem under control.

So why now?

"'I didn't want to get comfortable and keep doing that and then not wake up one day," she explained of her decision to come clean with her addiction.

The blonde bombshell says the stress of her miscarriage and her subsequent split from husband Doug Hutchinson drove her to try and numb her feelings with substances.

"I was prescribed anti-anxiety medication about a year ago. I was suppressing my emotions and finding distractions, partying with friends and having a different persona. Right now I'm trying to dig myself out of that hole," she revealed. "I want some sense of normalcy now. I don't know if I'm coping in the most healthy way. I'm partying too hard probably. I have been taking anti-anxiety mediation, otherwise I feel like I'm going to jump out the window. I don't want to get into a self-destructive pattern. If I continue down this path then I'm going to end up there," she added.

The Internet sensation married her now estranged hubby when she was only 16-years-old and he was 50, and she wonders if that could have been traumatic as well. Oddly, her mother signed off on the wedding, and the now 22-year-old blames her for not being protective enough.

"Throughout the years lots of things has happened. I wonder how a parent can sign off a 16-year-old to a 50-year-old?" she questioned. We'd have to agree with her on this one!

Somebody needs to help her before it's too late!