Are they on shayk-y ground?

Irina Shayk caught a flight out of LAX yesterday, and we couldn't help but notice that she's not wearing her engagement ring from Bradley Cooper. What gives? They welcomed daughter Lea two months ago, and they were spotted together just last week, but could they be having relationship problems? It really seemed like she wanted us to see her bare finger, because she kept holding her hand in a way that made it very visible...

A potential breakup isn't totally out of the question, based on a new report about the A-list actor being totally overwhelmed by fatherhood. Apparently, he's micromanaging every detail and it's driving his supermodel baby mama crazy.

"He’s fussing nonstop over everything from baby feeding times to changing times and looking over Irina’s shoulder making sure she’s doing things by the book. He’s driving Irina nuts – he can’t leave the baby and Irina alone for a minute. It’s very sweet, but he’s really stressing himself out,” a source dished to OK! magazine.

"He’s about to start his directorial debut A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga and he’s become a paranoid nightmare, worrying about every detail, from actor’s marks to stunt safety. He’s overwhelmed right now," the source added.

We'll be over here sipping tea and waiting for the split to be announced.