We really want to know what the real story is.

Johnny Depp's ongoing legal battle with his former business managers is heating up, and it's getting hard to figure out who is telling the truth. The actor claims Joel and Rob Mandel burned through his estimated $650 million fortune through fraud, breach of contract and professional negligence. They, however, claim his financial issues are his own doing, due to his outrageous spending habits and lavish lifestyle.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing the Mandels for $25 million, and now they're countersuing. They say the A-list star spends upwards of $2 million a month! On what, you ask? Apparently, he shells out $3.6 million a year on staff and $30K on wine, among other things. He once spent a whopping $5 million shooting the ashes of author Hunter S. Thompson out of a cannon in Aspen.

The Hollywood hunk also plunks down a pretty penny on real estate and his art collection. He has $75 million in property, and spent over $18 million on a luxury yacht. Let's not forget his $7 million divorce payout to Amber Heard!

"What do Johnny Depp’s investments in real estate and art, which have appreciated wildly, have to do with a fraud case? For example, the island in the Bahamas that he bought for $5.3 million is now worth many times that. Similarly, the chateau in France that he bought for single-digit millions is now on the market for $30 million, the Basquiat paintings that he bought for a few million were sold for $14 million, and on and on it goes," Depp's attorney Adam Waldman told People.

Depp says that his managers failed to pay his taxes on time, and over the course of their working relationship they took $28 million in contingency fees. The problem is that the Mandels are lawyers, and in California, lawyers can't take a portion of their client's earnings without a written contract.

"This case against the Mandels points to a larger problem in Hollywood — a non-legal sense of entitlement among some advisors to the earnings of their clients. This case shines a light on some of the worst practices, and may cause systemic changes to some of the most abusive unwritten industry customs," Waldman explained.

Hopefully he's going to make a little loot off the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The cast premiered the flick in China today, and if the notorious bad boy was consumed by all this drama, he certainly wasn't showing it.