She's finally facing the beef head on!

Katy Perry hopped in the passenger seat for carpool karaoke with James Corden on Monday, and the TV host accomplished what nobody has been able to do thus far, which is to get the pop star to open up about her infamous feud with Taylor Swift.

"Honestly, it’s really like, she started it, and it’s time for her to finish it," she sniped, before revealing that she tried to mend things with a phone call after T-Swizz became upset with her over stealing some of her background dancers.

"I tried to talk to her about it, and she wouldn’t speak to me. I do the right thing any time that it feels like a fumble. It was a full shutdown, and then she writes a song about me, and I’m like, O.K., cool, cool, cool, that’s how you want to deal with it? Karma! But what I want to say is that I’m ready for that B.S. to be done. Now, there is the law of cause and effect. You do something, there’s going to be a reaction, and trust me, Daddy, there’s going to be a reaction," she continued.

"It’s all about karma, right? I think personally that women together, not divided, and none of this petty bullshit, women together will heal the world," she added.

Is it just us, or has KP gotten really annoying in recent months? Further proof of that conclusion is the teaser video she made for her upcoming single "Witness." You have to watch it!