Paris hangouts? Sure. Clubbing in Hollywood? OK. Getting cozy at fashion's biggest event of the year? Couple alert!

Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky made no attempt to hide their relationship status at the Met Gala last night, and it just confirmed what we've known for a while... they're definitely an item!

The model and the rapper were caught cuddling in Kylie Jenner's bathroom selfie and were by each other's sides the whole evening, before changing into less elaborate outfits and hitting 1OAK for the after party.

Sister Kim caught the lovebirds in an intimate embrace while Kylie posed in the foreground on Snapchat, and we have to wonder if she ran this by Kenny first? The cat walker is notoriously private and has been trying to keep her romantic life a secret for ages, but we guess there's really no hiding it now!