If the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is any indication, the answer might be yes!

Khloe Kardashian returned to LA today after spending time with boyfriend Tristan Thompson in Cleveland, and she was all smiles despite the fact that she was caught on camera holding a joint during the Costa Rica episode of the family reality show.

Clever viewers noticed she was holding the marijuana cigarette during one scene with Scott Disick, and were quick to take screenshots to prove they weren't imagining things. Weed is legal for recreational use on the island, so it's not like she broke any laws, but it might tarnish her brand. After all, the K sisters are known to be pretty squeaky clean when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Perhaps that's why she's borrowing a trick from Lindsay Lohan and claiming she was holding it for a friend!

"The funny thing is I don't smoke lol I don't mind if you do. To each their own. I was bringing it to someone else but it is what it is," she tweeted this afternoon. Oddly, she's since deleted the tweet...

We actually believe her, but now we wanna know who was allowed to toke up on the vacay!