Scott Disick and new girlfriend Ella Ross partied it up at the Peppermint Club in Hollywood last night, and when it came time to leave, they followed Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire back to the Oscar winner's bachelor pad to afterparty. We wonder who knows who? Perhaps The Lord and Leo are new friends?

Multiple reports have surfaced recently about the father-of-three's out of control behavior and drinking habits, and sources are blaming Kourtney Kardashian's hot hookup with male model Younes Bendjima for driving him to the bottle. Close pals are saying he needs rehab, but he seems to be doing just fine banging hot chicks and rubbing elbows with famous actors!

LD has no reason to clean up his act if the money continues to flow in, and with his new house flipping show produced by Kris Jenner, that dough isn't going to dry up anytime soon!