Private security? Nope! Cutting the lines? Extra nope. Private jets? See ya!

Tyga caught a flight out of LAX yesterday with his bros, and he was smacked with the harsh reality of being a nobody after his split with Kylie Jenner. The rapper had to wait in long security lines and fly commercial, and he's gotta be wondering why he ever let the LipKit queen get away.

The hip hop bad boy seems to think his ex-girlfriend will come crawling back to him and she's just buying time by hooking up with Travis Scott, and he made that pretty clear in his new Instagram video. He posted a clip of himself free styling in the studio, and the lyrics are all about a girl that just can't seem to get over him and will do anything for his attention. Please!

“F**k her like there’s ten of me/ I got a dope boy’s tenacity/ Cocky like I got ten keys, a million racks in me/ Uh, super freak in my passenger / She a superstar, got it bad for me / If I hang up, she call right back to me / You cut her legs off, she crawls right back to me," he rhymes.

“I call it playboy tenacity/ Look how I live, this is how it had to be/ I want it now more than ever. More money, more problems but the money make it better/ I ain’t trying to f*ck and I just f*cked her head up,” he continues.

As much as we hate to say it, it sounds like he might be right.

"Kylie insists that her and Tyga are just on a break. She still has photos of the two of them all over her house. His face is everywhere! Kylie still talks about Tyga as if they are together, and it is obvious to her friends that everything she does right now is to try and make him jealous. She’s obsessed with him," a source dished to Radar.

"Tyga was, and always will be, the first love of her life ,and she is not going to get over him that easy. It is just a matter of time before they are back together," the source added.

We really hope she doesn't go back to this loser!

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