Did BO let the cat out of the bag?

Jay-Z was forced to skip the 48th Annual Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction and Awards Gala in NYC last night due to the looming birth of his and Beyonce's babies, and while congratulating the rapper on his big honor, former President Barack Obama seemed to accidentally reveal the gender of their unborn twins.

"I'd like to think Mr. Carter and I understand each other. Nobody who met us as younger men would have expected us to be where we are today. And so we try to prop open those doors of opportunities, so that it's a little easier for those who come up behind us to succeed as well. I'm pretty sure I'm still the only president to listen to Jay-Z's music in the Oval Office. That may change at some point, but I'm pretty sure that's true now," Obama said in a video message.

"Jay and I are also fools for our daughters, although he’s gonna have me beat once those two twins show up,” he said.

Almost immediately, the Beehive began freaking out that the hip hop super couple was expecting twin girls. Guess we'll have to wait and see!