It seems that way!

Bella Thorne wore a "why you so obsessed with me?" sweatshirt on a lunch date outing with her sister and pals today in LA, and with all the drama in her life right now this message could be about anybody, but we have a feeling it's directed at Scott Disick! The actress felt "used" after her fling with the reality star bad boy, and almost immediately ran back into ex Gregg Sulkin's loving arms.

It sounds like her man is proceeding with caution, though.

"Gregg loves Bella but his heart was broken when they broke up originally. Now that time has passed, he knows who Bella is, and as much as he is very friendly with her still and there is definitely an attraction there, he realizes that in their previous relationship, she wore the pants and now if she is making a play for him, his eyes are wide open and he will not be played and hung out dry once the next guy comes around," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"They haven’t made anything official, but there is a real good chance they will start dating again real soon and Gregg is much more ready for the relationship this go around and Gregg will definitely not let Bella run all over him. It will be more of a relationship than a one way street,” the source added.

This guy should be happy that The Lord screwed around with Bella's heart.

"After hooking up with Scott and feeling like a total fool, she realized she and Gregg had something more special. She started hitting him up after she got back,” another source told People.

This girl is wild!