Political Correctness Police to the rescue!

Demi Lovato threw on her sheriff's cap yesterday and shaded Kathy Griffin after the comedienne's controversial photo shoot with a beheaded likeness of President Trump and subsequent press conference in which she said she'd been the victim of the President's bullying. Lovato pointed out that after Griffin bullied the President, she then claimed to be the victim.

Lovato Tweeted: "I find it funny when bullies play the victim." Then, "Oops, I spilled my tea."

This animosity toward Griffin may have something to do with Griffin naming Demi as the "douchiest celebrity' back in 2014 when a fan asked the comedienne to name her least favorite star. Lovato didn't stop with this Tweet, she also liked her mom's Tweet that read, "So @kathygriffin states she will continue making fun of people, kinda like she made fun of my daughter @ddlovato for going into treatment."

An eye for an eye, Kathy!

The PC Police didn't stop there ... last night on Real Time With Bill Maher, the comedian-host used the N-word in a "joke" and fans went wild, of course. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse invited Maher to come out and "work in the fields" with the people of his state and Maher feigned shocked, saying, "Work in the fields? Senator, I'm a house n---er." Eeesh! Turn on the sirens, chase this dude down, pull him over and arrest him! That's a really poor choice of words for a joke and with pressure from fans on social media, HBO might just have to let Maher go ... it's not worth f-ing up in this day and age! The PC Police will GET YOU!