As if we needed a reason to love him more than we already do!

Ed Sheeran hopped in the passenger seat for carpool karaoke with James Corden, and not only did he belt out some of his biggest hits, but he also told a funny story about getting drunk with Justin Bieber, had a candy eating contest with the late night host, and revealed he doesn't have a phone!

"I actually don’t have a phone anymore. I had a phone for, like, two weeks and then I like, didn’t charge it. It’s just like what it would have been like 30 years ago for our parents. Getting rid of that, going traveling, getting perspective, making an album that I love, everything’s great," he confessed.

As for The Biebs?

"What I enjoy most is bringing people that don't drink in dive bars or skanky pubs to said dive bars or skanky pubs. I was in Tokyo the other day and Bieber was there, and just him with no security came to this really, really filthy dive bar with me. We ended up at this golf course and he put a golf ball in his mouth, and said 'Go on, hit it out!' and I was pretty hammered and I was like 'Focus, focus, you can't hit him.'" I had this driving wedge and I cracked him across the face. He was actually really cool about it, he was like 'Ah bro," and then just carried on," the British songwriter recounted.

These just keep getting better and better!