Splitting up with your life partner isn't supposed to be easy.

Gwyneth Paltrow coined the term "conscious uncoupling" when she announced her divorce from Chris Martin, but the actress revealed in a new interview with The Edit that it took a long time to arrive at that place in their relationship.

"I wanted to turn my divorce into a positive. What if I didn’t blame the other person for anything, and held myself 100% accountable? What if I checked my own s— at the door and put my children first? And reminded myself about the things about my ex-husband that I love, and fostered the friendship? What I put myself through to get there was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she explained of her thought process.

So how does she feel about being the face of conscious uncoupling going forward?

“People are coming around. I know it’s a dorky term, but it’s very worthwhile. I’m always the person who gets s— at first, but then later people say, ‘Hey, maybe that’s a good idea.’ I don’t mind," she admitted.

Something she's not OK with? The backlash she gets for being a lifestyle guru.

"People were fine with me as an actress, but with Goop it was like, ‘Stay in your lane.’ Women in general get a lot of pushback, especially if you’re successful and attractive … I’m not saying I’m attractive. I mean when you’re considered attractive," she bemoaned.

Ultimately, she's learned from every experience in her life, and she's come out on the other side.

"I’ve had an extraordinary life, where things have happened in a huge way – huge success, huge joy, huge pain, huge loss. And the reason I feel happy today is because I’ve milked the f—– out of every opportunity. I haven’t made one mistake that I haven’t used as a stepping stone to get somewhere else. I’m ruthless when it comes to using the hard things," she bragged.

Sounds like she's got it all figured out!