Show them shoulders! Hailey Baldwin is one of Hollywood's hottest young models and while she's BFFs with Kendall, Gigi and Bella, she hasn't quiet reached their supermodel status, but she's hot on their heels!

Especially in this sexy get-up ... we caught up with Hailey at Catch Friday night where she was definitely showing some skin. She took a cue from Kim's off-the-shoulder trench coat style (a la Paris, October 2016) and upped it a notch by unzipping and pulling the solders down on her sweatshirt underneath. How creative!

The model paired that with thigh-high nude leather platform boots on a balmy LA evening and while she had to balance in her 5-inch heels, strategically hold the center of there mini-trench so it wouldn't slip off, she did it with ease, while making the paps sweat!