After admitting he doesn't know the lyrics to "Despacito," Justin Bieber proceeded to let fans at the Summerburst Music Festival in Stockholm, Sweden that he wouldn't be singing his hit single. He said, "I can’t do ‘Despacito.’ I don’t even know it." A fan then aims a water bottle right at the singer's head; Justin dodges it and says, "Don’t throw things at me, please."

Bieber got caught with his lyrical pants down recently when he garbled the lyrics to "Despacito" on stage at 1Oak in New York, joking around as he sang made-up Spanish words to a crowd of fans. It stirred up a virtual sh*tstorm on social media when fans pummeled Bieber for making fun of the Spanish language. Guess he didn't want to get into THAT again -- he figured it was better to abstain this time around. But Justin, there IS another option ... LEARN THE LYRICS!