She won't be silenced!

Kathy Griffin held a press conference this morning with her lawyers to address her public feud with Donald Trump over that beheading photo controversy, and she's basically accusing him of trying to ruin her life and career.

Griffin's lawyer explained that the comedienne's photoshoot was just a "parody of Trump's own sexist remarks" which was "misinterpreted as a threat of violence," and her apology "should have been the end of it." Instead, the POTUS and his family are "using their power to target her and her employers even after she apologized."

The funny lady took the mic and said she's taking a stand against misogyny and the most "woman-hating, tyrannical President in US history." She declared that she's not afraid of him and will continue to resist his efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels, and other organizations that don't fit into his sexist agenda.

She says that she's been forced to hire a criminal attorney, but that she has a first amendment right to publicly parody the President. She also noted that other male celebrities, like Marilyn Manson, have criticized and "made threats" against Trump and they never got this kind of backlash and reaction.

Bottom line - Kathy Griffin thinks this is only a big issue because she's a woman and the Trump family are bullies.