Just stop!

Kourtney Kardashian headed out to run errands yesterday in LA, and the reality star looked like she had just rolled out of bed and thrown heels on with her silk pajamas. In the last few months, the mother-of-three has been trying to keep her look innovative and fresh with the help of new stylist Dani Michelle, but it's not working. We know they all hate her now, but she should really call Monica Rose!

We asked her if she's still in contact with Scott Disick, but she opted not to answer. The Lord gave an interview last week in Vegas and claimed things between the two were amicable, but we just don't see how that could be. We doubt she's cool with him boozing, hooking up with a different chick every night, and neglecting his parenting duties.

She could just be over worrying about it, though.

"Obviously, everyone is concerned and wants to make sure he's healthy and happy. His friends know these binges aren't good for him. This is behavior that he's worked really hard at to try and subdue, but he keeps on going back to it. When Scott starts partying, he can't stop. There is no middle ground for Scott -- it's go all in or none at all. This is how he has always been," a source dished to ET.

"[Kourtney] has been through this so many times before and does love him; he's the father of her three children. She's worried this won't ever stop and hopes he gets the help he needs," the source added.

We wonder if she ever regrets falling in love with LD in the first place?