She's had it with her haters!

Paris Jackson went on an epic Instagram rant last night, and basically lamented being cyberbullied by her late dad Michael's fans.

"A lot of s**t is said about me and people I know and people I'm related to. This is for the people who don't agree with who I am and what I do. Yeah, I get it. Y’all don’t like the tattoos, y’all don’t like the profanity, y’all don’t like... my free spirit, my outspokenness and how I’m a young chick and I should be quiet," she began.

"I am a teenager, I am doing the best I can,' she continued. 'I’m working as hard as I possible can to make a living for myself and create my own life. I’m fighting for human rights, I’m fighting for animal rights, I’m fighting for the environment. Basically any liberalist movement that will create positive impact on this planet, I’m trying to get involved in. I understand that it’s not enough. No matter what I do it will never be enough and you will never be satisfied even though I’m 19 and I’m working my a** off, it’s not enough," she added.

It took a weird turn when she started talking about Angelina Jolie, though!

"I could adopt s**t-ton of kids, a bunch of f**king charity work like Angelina Jolie and y’all will still be creating rumours about me like you do with her. I don’t really know why people hate me with such a fiery passion, and I can’t figure it out. I don’t think it’s jealousy; I think it’s more than that. Find something else to complain about. Complain about celebrities that are normalising plastic surgery, starvation in Venezuela, complain about our f**king president," she continued.

"Most of my following is usually my father's following and they're a lot older, they watched me grow up,' she reasoned. 'They saw him when he was in his very, very younger [days]. So understand that the older people that are watching me and seeing what I'm doing don't necessarily agree with all of this because they have very conservative views. I need you to understand that I am 145 per cent aware of the privilege that was handed to me and the hard work that was put in place in order to get me to where I am today. I'm fully aware. All this effort you’re putting into me, a teenager? Put it into something else. Hang out with your cat. I’m not your kid; I’m not your daughter," she concluded.

We don't think that many people are paying this much attention to her, but clearly she does!