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President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania and their son Barron are trading their usual luxe weekend get-away at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. for a more rustic retreat to the presidential Camp David in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains. Trump told international media earlier this year that the presidential retreat is "very rustic" and that he'd "like it ... for about 30 minutes."

Well, it's not gilded faucets and crystal chandeliers, but US presidents have been visiting the camp for seven decades. It was good enough for a meeting between FDR and Churchill to plan the Normandy invasion. It was good enough for Carter's peace talks between Egypt and Israel. George Bush, Sr.'s daughter was married there. But for uber-wealthy Trump, it's barely good enough and we suspect he's visiting now, as he impressive financials were released this week, to make him appear a bit more down to earth.

Plus, it's been a busy week for the Prez, Tweeting about the "witch hunt" investigation by the DOJ into his possibly collusion with the Russians to hack the US election; his reversal of Obama's Cuba policy and his decision to continue Obama's "Dreamers" program, which he promised his supporters he'd reverse. Whew! This dude deserves to kick back, prop his feet up and plan the coming week from the comfort of Camp David, freeing his mind to figure out what he can screw up next ...