Whatever you say, LD!

Scott Disick made an appearance at LIQUID Pool Lounge and 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend, and gave a slightly delusional interview to Us Weekly beforehand, in which he claimed that everything is amicable with Kourtney Kardashian.

The hard partying reality star insisted his wild womanizing trip to Cannes didn't anger his baby mama, and it was actually tamer than it appeared.

"I had a nice, relaxing trip for my birthday, I ate dinner with all my best friends that I’ve known for a long time. That’s about it," he told the mag. Umm did he forget about hooking up with half a dozen women and staying up until the sunrise every single morning? We didn't!

Even though he went weeks without seeing his kids, The Lord thinks parenting is pretty rad.

“Every day is a new adventure and just being present and watching your kids grow is a pretty amazing thing. t's part of life, but it's just wild to see somebody grow in front of your eyes. And, you know, people say it goes by quick, [and] they really aren't kidding. It really does. I can't even understand how my kids have grown so much, so quick, and they’re so smart and adjusted. … Being a dad is a pretty cool thing,” he gushed.

So what else has he been up to other than getting busy between the sheets?

"I really have just been focusing on real estate stuff, developing, doing houses, buying and selling properties, investing and stuff like that," he explained.

We wonder what Kourt thought when she caught wind of all this?