Whoa! Selena Gomez isn't afraid to flaunt her assets, as evidenced by some serious side-boob exposure today during a visit to Radio Disney in LA.

The former Disney star has shed her squeaky-clean image and is embracing her womanly ways by exposing a little bit of skin (okay, a LOT of skin)!

After a few days on the east coast with boyfriend The Weeknd, the triple-threat is back home and making the rounds to promote her new single "Bad Liar," which is actually about The Weeknd! Even though the track's lyrics sound like a girl getting over her ex, the song's co-writer Justin Tranter explained in a Tweet: "It’s actually about trying to hide magic feelings for someone new, but not being able to." Hmmm ...

So back to the side-boob ... Selena actually did a quick-change before heading into Radio Disney. You didn't think she'd do an appearance with The Mouse showing all the skin, did you?!