She's the opposite of all natural!

Blac Chyna strutted around Beverly Hills this afternoon in tiny jean shorts, and now we see what Rob Kardashian paid for! Kimmy K's little bro outed the former stripper for having butt reduction surgery during his now infamous "revenge porn" rant, and her ass is looking noticeably less juicy. She's still built like a gymnast, but at least she's not so out of proportion anymore!

Now that she's gotten a restraining order against the sock designer and doesn't have him around to pay her bills, she's going back to her roots! And by roots, we mean the strip club. The mother-of-two just booked an appearance at Ace of Diamonds, and she's set to pull in $10K for her hosting duties. That kind of cash still isn't going to afford her the lifestyle she's been used to.

She has tried to paint herself as the victim during all this drama, but we happen to think otherwise. She's clawing her way to the top by praying on an emotionally unstable person, and the whole reason she dated him in the first place was to make a name for herself. That, folks, is the definition of an opportunist!